With a vision to Empower through Alternative Education, Lend Me Your Ears develops  and facilitates thought-provoking, practical and relevant business programs and articles

Our offering includes

  • Recruitment services,
  • Comprehensive 360 degree appraisals
  • Robust Supply Chain Management (Consultancy & Training)
    • Facilitation of/ business courses in:
  • Strategic Planning sessions
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Strategic Account Management (Corporate RMs, Key Account Mgrs, etc)
  • Winning Sales Strategy and Sales Plans
  • MAGNETIC: Retaining Today’s Promiscuous Customer
  • Professional Business Communication (Written, Verbal, Physical)
  • Effective Proposal and Report Writing
  • Online Sessions e.g. webinars
  • Purposeful Selling
  • Delivering Customer Experience in the 21st C
  • Online School



Retaining Today’s Promiscuous Customer

Target: Management

If you are to attract, retain and grow customers today, a successful institution digitization is not enough; it should include the continual search to know and seek to deliver what customers need-not what the institution wants. In essence, an upgrade (‘digitization’, if you may) of the workforce, too. MAGNETIC helps you to do this.

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The Internet and social media have respectively leveled access to knowledge and shifted control from seller to buyer. You are likely to ‘google’ ‘mole on my lobe’ before asking a doctor, and ‘tweet’ a customer complaint (RIP suggestion and complaints, box). Further, technology has lowered many barriers to entry, lowering supplier power and making the customer spoilt for choice and tempted to promiscuity. With a promiscuity-primed customer that barely tolerated them, customer insensitive institutions (banks, for instance), find themselves in a dilemma. “How do we bring back the love?”

Delivery: Primarily a Socratic dialogue and Kaizen approach; through self-discovery and using a practical approach to learning, learners quickly see the rapid changing business landscape and the urgency required to keep up.

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“Kageche has a way of simplifying very complex things. This practical program was well delivered with deceptive simplicity but such powerful precision, that inevitably brought strategic clarity and focus to my leadership team. I encourage any leader seeking the same to undertake MAGNETIC” – Paul Wambua (CEO Stima Sacco)

“This thought-provoking program kept our leadership team actively engaged throughout. It is well thought-out, practical and relevant. Kageche is a brilliant facilitator and the program has made us critically interrogate our strategy. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to stimulate their leadership’s strategic thinking” – Tony Mbugua, (Group General Manager, Fintech Group)

Kenyan Banks Should Be Wary of “Too Big To Fail” Attitude

Banks need digital innovation in race for tech-savvy customers


CONNECT! Pattern Interrupt

In a practical manner, and through feedback they can trust, Connect! Pattern Interrupt seeks to create new managers who are catalysts of change in their organization 

Structured for sustainability, Connect! Pattern Interrupt, takes a practical, neuro-linguistic programming and heuristic approach to learning.

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Intended for new mangers, this novel, disruptive and transformative program is set on 4 self-introspection inspired pillars, and seeks to create different leaders that will be catalysts of change in their organizations.

Connect! is a tool that focuses on anchoring employees to feel as part of the organization thereby increasing productivity.



Your bottom line is only as good as your frontline. So it matters who sharpens your frontline. You can hone any of these skills immensely with us

  • Strategic Account Management (For Bank Corporate RMs, FMCG Salespeople, Key Account Managers etc)
  • B2B selling (Product and/or services)
  • B2C selling (Products and/or services)
  • Telephonic Selling
  • The (bite-sized, pocket-friendly) Accelerator 

One size cannot fit all. The sales skills set for a business to customer (B2C) service industry are different from those for, say, an FMCG, shipping or oil industry and both different still from B2B (business to business) selling. For instance, selling a bank account and selling elevators have widely varied sales processes and require different skills. It is for this reason that we prefer crafting a program depending on your needs
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“He didn’t need to say it but it was quickly obvious to me that Kageche was not sharing theory with my sales team. His practical style of delivery had all the hallmarks of one who had been to the trenches. I found him a great educator, totally engaging, with contagious enthusiasm. We witnessed unprecedented growth after lending him our ears and, more importantly, as senior management, were forced to re-look our sales strategy, based on our interactions with him. He’s reliable professional and a real pleasure to work with.”

James Waweru, Human Resource & Admin Manager, Kenya Postel Directories Ltd



  • Strategic Planning sessions
  • Conferences
  • Symposiums
  • Focus groups
  • Panel discussions
  • And more…

Moderating at Strathmore University

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“John Kageche conceptualized and facilitated a turn-around sales conference for KETEPA in which my heads of department and myself were present; the objectives were well articulated and I consider the conference a success” –Collins Cheruiyot, MD, KETEPA


  • And when you absolutely must Speak for Yourself!

Crafted for groups, Speak for Yourself, will equip you with skills to present more effectively

“When you lend him your ears, John Kageche has the rare and amazing talent for breaking down speeches. He is able to see what is usually overlooked — especially in message development he will see the whole program and how your message fits into it; his ability to combine ones personality with one’s message is especially refreshing for any speaker to forge emotional bonds with their audiences. When you explore a speech with Kageche, you discover a whole a new world, full of your new self, and full of delightful “aha” moments and fun.”
-Jagi Gakunju, Group CEO, AAR-

3 thoughts on “Programs

  1. Hi John. I really appreciate your articles on being a better salesperson. Since I started reading them in 2013, I have learned so much about the sales process, and my sales have growth substantially.
    I am better at prospecting now, and I will continue sharpening my skills and learning from you. God bless you and keep up the good work. I value you.
    Paul Muhami,
    General Manager,
    Grace Capital Ltd.

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